We would like to thank you for considering Monte
Ale House as an option for your upcoming event.

Must Know Function Information

Here at Monte Ale House we look forward to helping
you design your unique function within our amazing Space.  If you choose to have
a lower key event and do not mind our local patrons coming in for beer we are able to section off an area for you
Each individual Function can be tailored to suit 
your needs and abide by house policies. 

For all 21st, 18th and in between you are required
to have security for the event! One security guard per 80 people is required,
so for example 100 people you will require 2 guards. All other functions comes
down to manager’s discretion, whether or not you will require security for your
event! Cost of Security is $49.50 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours 

Monte Ale House is a licensed venue. NO B.Y.O.
Special requests for alcohol can be made at  the stage of booking your
function.  Bar tabs can be created and limited how you wish (e.g., just
tap beer, tap beer & house wine, completely open, etc.)

Bar/Bar Tab Information
 Wondering how to go about beverages for your event here are some options! 

• Bar Tab Open – This means guests can have beer, wine, spirits and soft drink! 
• Closed Bar Tab – This means guests can have beer wine and soft drink no spirits!
 • Limited Guest Bar Tab – This means all your guests pay their own way, and then you have a bar tab that is for specific guests at the party.  

An arm band would be issued to the guests involved in the tab for example a bridal party! 
• Cash Bar- This is where everyone pays for their own drinks on the night! 


If you would like to decorate your event your more than welcome to! 

Booking Information
Booking in your function is simple, give us a call
or send us an email and organise with the manager to have a meeting with
yourself. In this meeting we will discuss all the needs of your function. This
will include dates that are available and also your menu, drinks and
decorations. To prepare yourself for your meeting, you can simply write down a
list of questions you may have for us.

Entertainment can be organised by management or the
organiser. Entertainment can vary from live entertainment such as musicians and
small bands, other types of entertainment can be for example, jumping castle,
dunk machine etc. may also be acceptable based on management discretion. Any
entertainment must abide by Monte Ale House’s liquor licence. 

Please Note
Function menu is available for minimum of 10
people. 48 hours’ notice is required, also pending space availability.
Option to book the entire venue for the day of for a specific period also can
be arranged with management.  Entertainment must meet OLGR guidelines
which can be provided on request.  Also, staff at Monte Ale House are trained
in Responsible Service of Alcohol and are always required to abide by
government legislation